Renting a vehicle smoothly

For whatever reason you need a vehicle, review your situation so that you choose the right one.

Follow the steps below.

  • Choose your vehicle.
  • Determine how long and on which days you will use the vehicle.
  • Check how you can rent at a discount.
  • Determine the Dockx Service Shop where you want to pick up the vehicle.
  • Reserve via the site, by email or telephone. Or visit the Dockx Service Shop.
  • In your reservation, always state your surname, given name, address, telephone and mobile number, vehicle type and the dates to pick up and return the vehicle.
  • Reserve in good time. It is especially busy during weekends and holidays.

Collecting the vehicle
When collecting the vehicle you must present the following documents:

  • a valid Belgian identity card;
  • a valid European driver’s licence;
  • a credit card, bank card or SIS card.

Returning the vehicle
Return the vehicle on the day that the rental agreement expires, before 07:30, unless you have arranged a different time.

  • If your vehicle rental ends on a Saturday, return it on the Saturday before 17:30.
  • If your vehicle rental ends on a Sunday, return it on the Monday before 07:30.

You can return the vehicle outside opening hours. Just leave the rental vehicle in the car park of the Dockx Service Shop where you picked it up. Lock the vehicle completely and deposit the car keys in the key box.

If you wish to return the vehicle to a different Service Shop, this can be arranged in advance at the Shop where you collect the vehicle. There is surcharge of € 50 for this.

The vehicle must be returned clean inside and out and in accordance with the agreements in the rental contract. If you are not able to return the vehicle clean, an extra fee will be charged for cleaning the vehicle.

You always leave with a full tank of fuel, and return the vehicle with a full tank. If this is not possible, we will fill the tank for you at our pump. The price of this refuelling will be added to your final invoice (fuel at day price).

If you bring in the vehicle during office hours, we will draw up the bill and go over it with you on the spot, and you will pay immediately.
If you return the vehicle outside office hours, we ask that you go to the Dockx Service Shop where you returned the vehicle within three days for the bill and payment

Extending the rental period
You can extend the vehicle rental online at My Dockx Rental or in writing by letter or email or at the Service Shop where you collected the vehicle (extending the vehicle by phone is not possible). The deposit will be adjusted and you will receive a new rental contract. Without this contract, you are not covered by the insurance.