Dockx gift voucher

If there’s a birthday in your family, if you’re planning a much-deserved surprise for your parents or partner or if you’ve got something else to celebrate, why not think outside of the box to give a truly original gift

A day cruising in a feisty sports car, a stylish luxury car, a trendy convertible or a dazzling motorbike might be just the thing. Alternatively, you could lend friends or family a helping hand with a gift voucher for a moving van rental, a set of moving boxes or a ladder lift. Either way, a Dockx gift voucher is bound to be more memorable than a box of chocolates or a pair of socks!

You can set the value of your Dockx gift voucher exactly as you need: it’s up to you whether you’d like to give a specific vehicle as a gift or whether you’d like to use the amount as payment for any other vehicle rental. 

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If you're wondering where to get your hands on a Dockx gift voucher

Simply visit your nearest Dockx Service Shop. If you have any questions about purchasing or exchanging your voucher, Contact us for more info.

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