Gift voucher

A rental car or motorcycle as a gift?

Spring a surprise by offering an original gift!

Have you ever thought of giving someone a rental car as a present? Or lending your friends or family a helping hand in the form of a removal voucher? The sports car & luxury car voucher and motorcycle voucher were created with travel enthusiasts in mind. These are definitely more original than a box of chocolates or a pair of socks.

Car rental voucher

A wide choice of rental cars. From a small car to a convertible and a minibus. You are bound to find an inspiring or original car model.

Removal voucher

Stress-free moving is perfectly feasible! Lend a helping hand to friends and family and offer them all the necessary removal options as a gift. And offer them support as well on the big moving day. You will be able to enjoy the memory during the housewarming party.

Sports & Luxury car voucher

The stuff of dreams, these vehicles can be rented from Dockx: fast cars and tantalising exclusive vehicles. Offer yourself or someone else a sports car or luxury car as a gift.

Motorcycle voucher

No hassle having to get your motorbike in running order for the motorcycling season. Simply rent one from Dockx, to enjoy the freedom of cruising and touring. Offer someone the pleasure of receiving a motorcycle voucher.

Obtaining a Dockx gift voucher

Ask for the gift of your choice in your local Dockx Service Shop. It is up to you to decide how much the voucher is worth.