Picking up items at a Dockx Collection Point

All Dockx Collection Points are located at Dockx Service Shops. You can use our Dockx Collection Points to pick up or send parcels of all sizes. Contact us for more information. 

All Dockx Collection Points

Picking up large parcels

If you’ve arranged for an item you’ve purchased to be delivered to a Dockx Collection Point by one of our logistical partners, we’re happy to help. 

If your parcel is too large to transport in your own car, there’s no need to worry: you can rent a van or trailer from our Dockx Service Shop to keep your goods safe and sound while on the move. Contact us for more info on the available vehicles and our rates, or book your vehicle online

If you’d like to make things even easier, you can also have large parcels delivered straight to your door. To find out more, contact our logistical partner Dockx Select. 

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Pick up large parcels at a Dockx Pick-Up Point
Pick up small parcels at a Dockx Pick-Up Point

Picking up small parcels

You can also use our Dockx Service Shops to pick up and send small parcels handled by bpost, DHL, dpd, GLS, SLS or UPS. 

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