New! Dockx Pick-up Points

Dockx vans are also available at various Pick-up Points from now on.

Dockx Rental is the first in Belgium to rent vans via a free app. The vans are available via all 19 Dockx Service Shops and now also at Zelfbouwmarkt's pick-up warehouse and four other Pick-up Points. With the help of the Dockx Rental app, the door can be opened and the vehicle is ready for immediate departure. The easy rental process is explained in this short film.

What is a Dockx Pick-up Point?

A Dockx Pick-up Point is a retailer's car park or an unmanned location where Dockx makes vans available. You can reserve and pick up your vehicle 24/7 at these locations using the free Dockx app. Your vehicle rental is completely digital, contact free and, last but not least, super fast and easy.  

Which vehicles?

For the time being, you can only reserve the Mega Van at the Pick-up Points. The Mega Van has a load capacity of 1,235 kg and a load volume of 10.50 m³. The offerings will gradually be expanded via the app in 2021, and our entire fleet of vans, removal vans and passenger vehicles will be available at our Pick-up Points in 2022. 

If you do not find what you are looking for, you can always visit one of our Dockx Service Shops or our website for traditional vehicle rental


A complete network of Pick-up Points is being developed. Dockx currently has five Pick-up Points:

  • Pick-up Point Ninove 
  • Pick-up Point Wommelgem
  • Pick-up Point Bornem 
  • Pick-up Point Genk
  • Pick-up Point Roeselare