Meet Ismaïl Sahbaz

Ismaël is responsible for the maintenance of our vehicles. He is handy, lively, caring and has been indispensable to our Dockx team in Haren (Brussels) for 11 years. Read more about this handyman with a passion for vehicles here. 

Meet Ismaïl Sahbaz, responsible for the maintenance of Dockx vehicles


Could you tell us about your career?

Before I began working at Dockx, I often saw their vans driving in the street. Since I have a serious passion for cars, it was clear to me that I should absolutely work for Dockx. And voilà – I got a job here! I’ve now been working at Dockx for 11 years and have turned my passion into my job.


What motivates you to go to work happily every day? 

I love cars, I love working on them and with them. Cars are my passion, so it’s a real treat to get to work with them every day. I enjoy seeing the result after I’ve completely overhauled a vehicle. It gives me a huge amount of satisfaction. I also work with a fantastic team of colleagues! And that makes it even more motivating to go to work. 


What are your main tasks?

I’m responsible for the daily maintenance of our vehicles. I make sure that they have been fully inspected and cleaned, so that our customers can leave here with a spotless car. There’s nothing better than seeing a customer leave here with a smile after receiving a vehicle in perfect condition.


In your opinion, what makes Dockx stand out from its competitors? 

Our greatest strengths are the significantly enlarged fleet of vehicles and our flexibility. We always go the extra mile to help our customers with their mobility issues. 


Are you interested in cars yourself? 

Cars are truly my passion. I enjoy fixing them up and servicing classic cars. Every classic car has a story and the car itself seems to be eager to tell you that story. I also have a weakness for sports cars because of their unique look & feel. 


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

My spare time is spent with my family. I have three kids, so I have plenty to keep me busy :)


What’s your favourite kind of holiday?

Together with my family. When on holiday, I always have a great time with my kids. We all like to go on holiday together. 


What is your personal highlight in your life? 

That would be my wedding day and the birth of my children, without a doubt. 


Which skill would you like to have, but do you sadly lack?

I would love to speak several languages, but unfortunately, I can’t. 


Who or what makes you laugh? 

Simply life. 


What is your greatest ambition in life?

Giving my children a great future. I also always try to improve myself professionally.