Meet Sigrid Van Goethem

Meet our HR Generalist, Sigrid Van Goethem (28). Sigrid has been working at Dockx for three and a half years. Are you also keen to come and work at Dockx? Sigrid is just the person to speak to; she’s more than happy to get you all set to join the Dockx family. Thanks to the family atmosphere in the company and the nicely varied work, Sigrid is very passionate about her job. She is constantly working with others and her day consists mainly of human contact, conversations, and finding the right people for the right job. Sigrid never says no to roast chicken with apple sauce and loves flowers immensely. Read more about Sigrid and her passions and pastimes here.

Sigrid Van Goethem HR Generalist Dockx Rental

Can you tell us something about the course of your career? 

I completed my studies as a psychological counsellor, with a focus on clinical psychology, in 2017. At the time, I had done an internship at a temporary employment agency and found the opportunities in working with staff appealing. So I didn’t look for a job in the clinical field after graduation, although it continues to fascinate me. After working at a temporary employment agency for a few months, I ended up at Dockx. I was an HR noob at the time. Because of the opportunities and support I’ve received, I’m happy with where I am today. I want to continue to grow and be able to support Dockx in several areas.


What do you like most about your job? 

The nice thing about my job is that I can keep helping people. Whether it’s an employee with a question, an applicant looking for a job, a board member who wants insight into certain figures, or colleagues who want clarification on certain rules… This diversity in my job is what makes me curious to see what each day brings!


What are your main tasks?  

Of course, answering questions is one of my most important tasks. In addition, preparing salaries, following up on contracts, and conducting job interviews are also important parts of my duties. Since I’m basically the entire HR department, I take care of every part of HR.


Are you passionate about cars yourself? 

I played with cars as a child. It was a nice change from Barbie dolls or Lego men. I would draw all kinds of streets on pieces of paper, decorate them, and glue all these papers together to make a whole route. Then I’d drive my toy cars over it. When I was old enough to get my driving licence, I took my theoretical portion in school. Despite having to resit many other exams at school, I passed my theoretical driver’s exam straight away. After that, my uncle taught me how to drive and I can proudly say that I passed that the first time too! A few years later, I bought my first car: a ’99 Peugeot 306 Cabrio with electric roof and windows. It was my pride and joy! Unfortunately, since I was still a student, the costs were often too high to maintain that car. So I sold it and got another car instead. Although this one is more comfortable, I still admire the old cars, my favourite being the ’67 Ford Mustang Shelby. 


What do you like to do in your free time? 

I try to spend as much of my free time as possible with family and friends. Mostly, our family and our parents will get some more time. 


Are you musical? 

I would have liked to be musical, but I unfortunately scare away the neighbourhood cats when I sing along with various songs, and I have never been musically trained. I like listening to contemporary music, but a lot depends on my mood. Sometimes I go for songs that I can sing along with loudly; other times, I want really wild songs, and then sometimes, I prefer soft songs. I also enjoy a dash of jazz every now and then.


What was your most memorable holiday? 

My best holiday was in Mallorca with my husband. The weather, the surroundings, the sea, the island itself… I definitely recommend it! Our holidays have always been to sunny destinations with a good balance between relaxation and discovery. We always rent a flat so that we’re as flexible as possible. Because of Covid and Sjarel (our dachshund), we choose to go on more car holidays, which have mainly taken us into nature.


What is your personal highlight in your life? 

I think this is coming very soon! I am pregnant and due on 21/02/2022. Another day that I’m very proud of and wouldn’t want to leave out is my wedding day, as well as when we welcomed our little dog into our home.


What talent would you like to have, but unfortunately don’t have? 

I’m someone who likes to be able to do everything, so I’m a little envious of a lot of people. 😊 But I’m also happy with who I am and still trying to grow, both professionally and personally.


Who or what makes you laugh? 

I can always rely on my husband whenever I feel bad. Our Sjarel always manages to put a smile on my face too. And of course, friends and family are always available to cheer me up when needed!


What is your greatest ambition in life? 

My goal is to get as far as possible within HR and possibly become self-employed in this field later on. If I’m not old and worn out by then, I want to focus on working with animals as well.