Riding a motorcycle safely: tips & tricks

Safety first! Riding a motorcycle safely is not that difficult if you follow some basic rules. Most of them are also very useful for car drivers, but extra vigilance is required when riding a motorcycle. 

Five tips for riding a motorcycle safely

1)    Keep your machine in top shape

Going out on the road with poorly maintained equipment is asking for trouble. Therefore, check the tyre pressure on your motorcycle regularly and lubricate the chain if you ride this type of motorcycle – especially after a rain, since rust can appear quickly. As far as this tip is concerned, Dockx Rental has you covered: all our motorcycles are perfectly maintained and ready to go. 

2)    Wear protective clothing

It is tempting to jump on a motorcycle and go for a ride in airy clothes on a beautiful summer’s day. Don’t: gloves and protective clothing (with protectors) are an absolute must in every season and type of weather. There are no excuses because there’s a great selection of summery motorcycle clothing available now that protects and ventilates.

3)    Keep a sufficient distance and signal

Adjust your speed and keep your distance so that you can be seen in the mirrors of the person in front of you and can brake in time if necessary. In this respect, be extra careful with trucks, which often have a blind spot. Loss of cargo is also a risk that can never be completely ruled out. The golden rule remains that you must assume that other motorists have not seen you. Also, try to make eye contact with the other drivers via the mirrors.

4)    Always keep your fingers on the brake

You should never make assumptions while you’re in the middle of traffic and you must always take the possibility of unexpected situations into account. Therefore, always keep two fingers on the brake so that you can react attentively. More fingers are not necessary because you run the risk of braking too hard otherwise. Perhaps you can also adjust the brakes (or have them adjusted) so that their power matches your driving style.

5)    Take the curves correctly

Riding a motorcycle safely requires the ability to tilt correctly. And tilting is an art. You have to be able to use your body weight, know how to counter steer, know how to correct in time, and much more. Practising in a traffic-free or at least low-traffic environment after the winter break is highly recommended if you want to go on the road as a motorcyclist. It can save lives.


On your way!

Have you mastered riding a motorcycle safely? Good, then you can start planning your motorcycle rides. Whether you want to take your motorcycle into the thick of city traffic or cruise through wide-open landscapes: Dockx has the right motorcycle for you. Cruiser, touring, chopper, or all-road? You name it, we got it. Need inspiration on where to cruise? Here are five motorcycle routes in Belgium that you can enjoy riding. 

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