Rent a minivan, buy peace of mind

Looking to rent a minivan? Enjoy maximum benefits

Planning a carefree trip? First step is always reliable transport. When travelling with one or more groups, the minivan is often the obvious choice. This type of vehicle combines the comfort of an extra-large passenger car with the practical benefits, considerable boot space and flexible options of a van. This combination always gets your trip off to a good start. The rest is up to the people travelling with you. In addition, a minivan only requires a driving licence B, the same licence you need to drive a standard car. So, that also means that multiple occupants can alternate driving and long distances are more easily covered. In short, renting a minivan always buys you peace of mind – before, during and after the trip!


What’s the best minivan for you?

A first distinct advantage of minivans is the freedom of choice. Many people do not realise that the term minivan (or minibus) covers a wide range of vehicles. For example, you have classic models which guarantee every comfort thanks to their remarkably spacious and modular interiors and are excellent for family outings. But you can also rent a luxurious and customised version, complete with refrigerator, coffee machine, Smart TV and Apple TV, internet, sound system, countertops, power socket and USB charging points. In this respect, a minivan is not just a mode of transport but almost a mobile VIP office!

Whether you opt for a classic or luxurious model, every minivan can always be fitted with extras as required. Need a towbar for a trailer, bicycle rack or motorcycle trailer? Or a roof box to store extra luggage? This is perfectly possible, on request!


Rent a minivan: always home while you’re away

Another advantage of a minivan is that comfortable space and abundance of boot space (which can even be expanded if the last seats are folded down) are combined with a compact design – the reason it’s called a minivan. This means you can literally park the vehicle almost anywhere – probably even in front of your destination address. And that destination could be anywhere: nearby or faraway, at home or abroad. 

As the minivan tenant, you choose the activity: a night out with friends (don’t forget the designated driver)? A weekend away with family or relatives? A ski trip, summer trip or cycling holiday? Anything is possible with a minivan. Additional benefit? If you occupy the van optimally, i.e. with seven, eight or nine people, everyone can share the fuel and/or toll costs. That way, it will also be financially beneficial for all passengers.


Looking to rent a minivan for professional use or events?

Here we mainly talked about outings with friends or family, but in addition, of course, a minivan is perfect for driving colleagues to a business meeting or for use as a shuttle at a corporate event.

In addition, a classy minivan will get your guests from point A to B safely during events like wedding parties. Don't forget the matching decorations and ribbons to make your minibus stand out! 

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The right minivan will make every trip unforgettable. But what is the right minivan? Dockx Rental's experts will be happy to help you choose from the extensive range and the many possible options.

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