Rent a car with seven places

Discover our range of minibuses with 7 places. They’re perfect for an unforgettable road trip to a sunny locale or for business purposes, such as a business trip or shuttle service. Make your choice, fill in your application online, and leave without any worries. If you still have some questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Discover our cars with 7 places

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Discover our cars with 7 places

There is a collection point for your car with seven places near you

Pick up your car with 7 places at a Dockx Service Shop or Dockx Pick-up Point. Fortunately, you never have to go too far. Our collection points have been thought out very carefully: they are situated so that you can get there easily by bike, public transport, or car. Where can you pick up your car? Find your closest Dockx location here.

Head out on the highway without a care in the world

Thanks to our excellent customer service, we are sure that you’ll be able to drive your car around without any worries. Our helpdesk and breakdown service are available to you 24/7. And in addition to our transparent prices, we also offer proper claims registration. Thanks to our digital tool, there is no more room for interpretation. Click here to discover exactly what is and isn’t included in your rental price.