Rent a moving van with drivers license C

Looking for a moving van when you have a drivers license C? No worries! You’ll find an extensive rental range of moving vans at Dockx Rental. You can find which vehicle best suits your personal situation on this page. Book your choice online and get behind the wheel without any worries. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Rent a moving van with drivers license C

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Rent a moving van with drivers license C

Easily pick up your moving van from a location near you

Pick up the moving van you rented at a Dockx Service Shop or Dockx Pick-up Point near you. There are Dockx locations situated strategically all over the country. So you can come to pick up your rented moving van by bike, public transport, or car without any problems. Click here to find out which location is most convenient for you.

What can you count on during your rental period?

Head out on the highway without a care in the world in your moving van. We are available day and night should you need us; our helpdesk and breakdown service are available 24/7. Digital claims registration before and after a rental period also ensures fairness. Click here to discover exactly what is and isn’t included in your rental price.