Packard means pure elegance for people with taste and is the ultimate addition to every car enthusiast’s collection. This luxury vintage model – which disappeared from the market in 1958 – still embodies the ambience of the good old days. Packard steals the show in a number of gangster films, including Chinatown, Bugsy and L.A. Confidential. Alfred Hitchcock also used it in the classic film Vertigo. Steven Spielberg gave the Packard the lead role in Back to the Future and Empire of the Sun. This 1941 Packard 120 is so called because of its 120-inch wheelbase. Its dark blue colour and red interior are in perfect harmony. And with the roof down it makes that wedding, ball, anniversary or party that bit more special. You can only rent the Packard 120 with a driver.

Do you want to enter the low emission zone Antwerp, Brussels or Ghent with the rented Dockx classic car? Let us know in advance so we can apply for the necessary permit in time.

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4 seats
Dark blue
With driver
Packard 120
Number of doors 2 doors
Gearbox Manual