Buick 50 Super

Looking for a unique car for a wedding, anniversary or gala? The Buick 50 Super always makes an entry. This 1949 American super convertible takes you back to post-war America. Comedian Bob Hope was as inseparable from his Buick as he was from his golf shirt. Tom Cruise in Rainman and Jack Nicholson in Chinatown made their name on the big screen with the Buick. Now it’s your turn. Admire its perfected engines - incredibly powerful for that time. And dream along in its royal blue bodywork and grey-blue interior. The classic Buick 50 Super can only be rented with a driver.

Do you want to enter the low emission zone Antwerp, Brussels or Ghent with the rented Dockx classic car? Let us know in advance so we can apply for the necessary permit in time. 

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  • Minimum age: 30 year


Year of manufacture 1949 Number of seats 4
Color exterior dark blue Number of doors 2
Color interior gray-blue

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