Jaguar E-type

The Jaguar XKE Series 1 – 3.8 litre, roadster, 1963 model, is a real icon in automobile history. This unique old-timer, better known as the first-generation E-type, is a top-of-the-range sports car. The equally famous and iconic Jaguar XK 1505 preceded this model.

With its pioneering technique, the Jaguar XKE Series 1 was way ahead of its time. The body – the steel ‘monocoque’ with the tubular subframe at the front that holds the engine and the suspension – was extremely innovative and unique.

The first-generation ‘E-type’ is currently the most exclusive version on the old-timers market. And can only be rented at Dockx Rental.

Do you want to enter the low emission zone Antwerp, Brussels or Ghent with the rented Dockx classic car? Let us know in advance so we can apply for the necessary permit in time. 

Period 1 day weekend 7 days
incl. VAT € 907,50 € 1512,50 on demand
excl. VAT € 750,00 € 1250,00 on demand
free km 50 km 100 km

Fuel consumption is not included.
Extra service: option to book an additional chauffeur.


  • Minimum age: 30 year


Year of manufacture 1963 Number of seats 2
Color exterior black Number of doors 2
Color interior red

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