Rent a manual vehicle

Search the wide range of vehicles with manual transmissions at Dockx and choose the vehicle that suits you best. You can book your manual vehicle online easily, and we’ll make sure your vehicle is ready to go when you need it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your booking.

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Discover our manual cars

Pick up your manual vehicle from a location near you

You never have to go far to pick up your manual vehicle. There is always a Dockx Service Shop or Pick-up Point near you. You can easily reach all the collection points by bike, public transport, or your own car. Check this map to find the location closest to you.

What advantages are included in the rental price for my manual vehicle?

Not only can you count on an honest and transparent price when renting a vehicle with a manual transmission from Dockx, we’ve also included some extra advantages for you. Our digital claims registration is one example. And the fact that our helpdesk and breakdown service are available 24/7 is also a big plus. Discover all the included advantages here.