New Pick-up Point at Storo in Brecht

Future-proof moving? It’s possible thanks to our new Pick-up Point at Storo in Brecht!

Anyone who has ever moved house can tell you about it: it’s a huge hassle. And we aren’t just talking about the fact that you have to go and find those few willing people in your group of friends who come to help. Perhaps even more annoying are the practical questions that come with a move: Will I get all my belongings transported? Where is the best place to rent a moving van? How do I get the right moving boxes? Where can I rent extra storage space? A new cooperation between Dockx and Storo is now happy to be part of the answer.

We have recently improved our offer considerably. This is the result of our brand-new partnership with Storo, the very first fully digitally, controllable self-storage concept in Belgium. The link between the two worlds is, of course, unmistakeable; rarely does the search for storage space not involve a move. So this reality is now being fully exploited. 

New Pick-up Point in Brecht

The concrete result of this new cooperation is the fact that Dockx is opening a new Pick-up Point at the Storo car park in Brecht. From now on, anyone can rent a moving or delivery van here, ranging from a Mega Van (10 m³) to an Easy Box (19.10 m³). Using the Storo offer is not a prerequisite for this. You can do this all by yourself via the Dockx app, available from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. You can pick up your vehicle 24/7 at this Dockx Pick-up Point using a digital key. In other words, the entire rental process is fully digital and contactless at this Pick-up Point. 

Pick-up Point Brecht

Combined offer  

This cooperation with Storo ensures that the end user will have many advantages. This means that anyone who has booked a storage unit with Storo can now easily request one of our delivery or moving vans. Those who apply for a vehicle in this way can even rely on a 10% discount. All this not only applies to those who go for the contactless option via the app. If you prefer to rent via the traditional route, you can still simply collect your reservation from a staffed Dockx Service Shop. 

Customised storage

This cooperation also allows Storo to better showcase its assets. This digitally controlled self-storage concept takes advantage of the growing need for additional and flexible storage space. Storo offers storage space from as little as one square metre. Just like Dockx, this rental company also has a quick and easy booking process that gives you access to the storage space immediately after booking via a personal access code in the app. This gives the end user great flexibility. After all, it can distribute access rights with its environment and is thus relieved of the misery associated with classic keys. 


In short, the common goal and resolute choice for technological innovation make Dockx and Storo natural partners. This cooperation undeniably pushes our service to a higher level. Moving is and will always be a hassle, but thanks to our cooperation with Storo, it’s already a lot less annoying. Now to find those helpful friends…