Getting married in a classic car: five tips for choosing your perfect wedding transport

Your wedding day is very special, but a classic car will make your big day extra special. Make sure you have the right vehicle for this intimate experience. There is more choice than you might expect.

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1. Which car is your type? 

When you choose a classic car, it should meet your needs for your special day. For example, you can choose a flashy, old-school classic car like the Porsche 912 if you are only making a short trip from your home to the town hall. Would you like a romantic, long drive through the countryside? Then choose a sportier type, such as the Austin Healey 3000S.

You can also choose the type of car that suits your wedding theme. Will it be a fairy-tale wedding complete with a magnificent castle, white doves and top hats? Then a romantic type is perfect, such as the Jaguar XK 150 S.

Are you planning a retro 1930s or 1960s theme? Then choose a somewhat iconic design such as the Volkswagen Beetle Convertible.

If you have a chauffeur who can take you to your destination or if you want to go to the town hall or wedding party in style, have yourself driven in the Packard 120 or a Jaguar Mark IX, for example.

Be sure to take the weather into account. If you are getting married in the autumn or winter, you shouldn’t choose a convertible - or at least not one without a sliding roof. 

2. Check the availability

Classic cars are very popular for events like communion parties and weddings. If you get married in the summer, quite a few of them may be rented out. So be sure to inquire about the availability of your dream car and book your favourite classic car well in advance. Dockx has an incredibly extensive range, which you can find here. It would be nothing short of a tragedy if the classic car that suits your wedding concept perfectly is no longer available. 

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3. Look at the car beforehand

Before you make a final decision on which vintage car to rent for your wedding day, it is crucial to get a good understanding of the vehicle. This is especially important if you plan to get into the car in full bridal attire. Make sure the bride fits comfortably in the car and that there is enough space for the dress and any veil. For this, you can rely on a comprehensive photo report provided by Dockx Rental. Our colleagues are, of course, also happy to assist you if you have any further questions about your dream car.

4. Chauffeur or not?

Having a chauffeur drive you on your wedding day is a real luxury. Sitting together in the back seat, with or without a glass of champagne... The sky is the limit. But isn't it exciting for a bride or groom to get behind the wheel themselves on the way to the most beautiful moment of their lives? That is certainly worth considering. Did you know that at Dockx Rental you can also request a chauffeur-driven car?

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5. Get your money's worth

You’ll find classic cars in all price categories. If you choose a more expensive rate, make sure you get everything you are entitled to, such as a well-groomed, nicely dressed chauffeur or a bottle of chilled champagne. If you want to be absolutely sure that everything is taken care of, it may be best to work with a reputable company (like Dockx) rather than relying on a private individual. That's one less thing to worry about!