Meet Klaas Sels

We have been able to count on Klaas (29) for six years now. He started as a shop assistant in Wilrijk and now works side by side with Mattias in the sales team. Curious about what drives Klaas? Read more about his ambitions and passions in life here.

Klaas Sels, Sales Officer Dockx Rental

What motivates you to go to work happily every day? 

Without a doubt, the challenge I set myself to always find a solution to our customers’ questions. I do a really deep dive there. The icing on the cake is when your customers actually demonstrate their gratitude.


What are your main tasks? 

In short: answering the non-standard requests. These requests could come in through one of our branches or directly to me, and they can be highly varied. From one vehicle for a very long period of time to dozens of vehicles for short or longer periods of time. Many of these requests are then followed up by myself and our Sales Manager from start to finish, from vehicle scheduling to invoicing. I also manage our minibus and special planning, as well as answer any complaints.


Why do you think customers should choose Dockx?

People can rent a car anywhere these days. So, as a company, you need to distinguish yourself from your competitors by your service and your extras. I really believe in that. That’s why I’m convinced that the service you get at Dockx is a reason to come back to us. For example, it can be very stressful to plan your own move. When you come to book a moving van, you want to be helped by a professional who knows what questions to ask and can point you in the right direction. That is the strength of Dockx Rental.


What is your most memorable Dockx moment? 

The most memorable moment for me at Dockx Rental was when we suddenly received an enormous request for up to 70 vans for a few months. Together with Mattias, our Sales Manager, I then took over and steered everything in the right direction, but I’ve never seen such a great and beautiful example of teamwork in my entire career at Dockx Rental. Cars that used to need to be inspected and serviced, people who used to take the cars to the customer after opening hours, etc. There were so many of us working together on that one project that I will always remember it.


Are you passionate about cars yourself? 

Passionate is a big word, but since I started working at Dockx Rental, my interest has increased enormously. My favourites are the classic cars for the simple reason that I find them much more beautiful and charming than the cars that roll off the production line today. Another favourite is the minibuses. Since Mattias and I have been managing the planning, we have been able to achieve enormous success with this. It’s always exciting in the high season when every single minibus is needed, but then – when you look at the nice figures you got in the autumn – it makes up for a lot.


What do you like to do in your free time? 

I have a fairly large field of interest. As a result, I spend my free time doing all sorts of things. I like to learn about almost any subject, as long as it is deep enough. That’s why I like to read non-fiction books. I’m also into music and love watching cycling, watching films, or cooking for friends.


Are you musical?

I never went to music school, but I taught myself some guitar and piano, and drummed for a few years. We had a band with some friends and we performed several times. But whenever there was too much pressure, we would quickly ease back. For me, music has to remain unforced in order to be fun. I actually listen to all kinds of music, apart from some more extreme genres. The genre I listen to depends a lot on my mood at the time.


Do you have any fun plans for this summer holiday? 

We’re going to Sweden this summer holiday with our family. My parents lost their hearts to Scandinavia and passed that love on to me. I’ve been going to Sweden since I was a child, but I’ve also gone to Norway and Finland. In 2017, I was able to take my own daughter and girlfriend there for the first time; I also proposed to my girlfriend there. We are going back this year, with two daughters this time.

I prefer to spend my holidays in peace and quiet. No agenda scheduled down to the minute with visits to cities and museums. Just a cottage in a forest or by the water, a good book, nice company. And lots of red wine.


What is your personal highlight in your life?  

My wedding day and the birth of my two daughters. 


What talent would you like to have, but unfortunately don’t have? 

I would love to be very handy. I have great admiration for people who can make things themselves, from scratch.