Getting the garden ready for winter: how to start

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it; summer is coming to an end. This means that you have to start getting your garden ready for the winter. That way, your trees and plants will be in top condition again in the spring. Here are five tips to get your garden ready for winter!

Man puts yard waste in trailer

1) Remove fallen leaves

Try to remove dead leaves from your lawn as regularly as possible. If you leave them lying around, chances are your lawn will turn brown because it can’t breathe and doesn’t get any light. And that, of course, is not pretty. You can use the leaves to make compost or as a cover for plants that are sensitive to frost. Or you can dispose of them at the container park with one of our trailers, of course.   

2) Mow until 6°C (and preferably not too short)

Grass continues to grow until the outside temperature drops to around 6°C. Until then, you can mow the grass. But don’t cut the grass too short when you mow it for the last time, probably at the end of October. This prevents moss from growing in, and your grass is better protected from frost. 

3) Put down a mulch layer

Your borders and plants will thank you if you mulch them just before winter, i.e. cover the soil with a layer of organic material. You can buy ready-made mulch, but it’s also very easy to make yourself, using leaves, compost, bark or even farmyard manure. The mulch layer keeps out weeds, protects against freezing temperatures and, if it makes it through the summer, even protects the plants from drying out

4) Pruning

You can prune in autumn as well. This will encourage the growth of shoots, and plants and shrubs will retain their beautiful shape. Please note: this does not apply to all plants! Autumn bloomers (e.g. butterfly bushes and roses) are weakened if you prune them just before they go dormant. In a harsh winter, there is even a chance that they will not survive their pruning. For shrubs like hibiscus or trees like birch, chestnut or maple, there is no problem. Check with your local garden centre

5) Planting bulbs

If you plant flower bulbs just before winter, you will get early flowering in spring. The first crocuses and snowdrops will appear as early as January, for example. This is also good news for bees and bumblebees (which fly out at around 10°C) because there are often few flowers in spring and therefore little food for them. 


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