Meet Loïc Cravatte

Loïc has been a valuable member of the Dockx team for 5 years already and his days are incredibly varied. As Service Shop Agent, his role is to follow up the planning, get the contracts signed and welcome customers. His colleagues and customers always mention his big smile. Curious about what drives Loïc? Read more about his ambitions and passions in life here.

Meet Loïc Cravatte, Service Shop Agent Dockx

Could you tell us about your career?

I started working at Dockx five years ago. Marcel (the manager at Liège) was looking for someone to work in Liège, and he asked me to join him. Despite having great fun in our small office close to the Botanical Gardens, we really had to move. We moved the branch in order to meet the growing demand. Then I helped out at the branch in Verviers until the office finally closed at the beginning of the year.


What are your main tasks?

My job, as Service Shop Agent, is to welcome, advise and help customers with the services they require (car, van, lorry, box, moving equipment, etc.). The tasks are all related to the daily planning, answering mails and phone calls, and also serving customers at the counter.


In your opinion, what makes Dockx stand out from its competitors? 

I think that our reception, availability and customer service are all advantages. The smile, good sense of humour and service we offer is what makes customers come back. 


What is your best memory at Dockx? 

I believe that the first vehicle request took me to the Racing Circuit at Spa-Francorchamps. It was a new experience of another aspect of my career going behind the scenes!


Are you interested in cars yourself? 

I was never that interested in cars, but I did appreciate nice-looking ones. It’s thanks to my job that I’ve learned more about them.

My favourite car is the Lotus Elise. I have loved the look of it for so long, it’s hard to forget.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I train regularly to keep fit. I’m unable to play American football due to an injury, so I’m filling the gap! Other than that I listen to music a lot, both at work and at home! And I enjoy seeing my friends, regardless of what we get up to. A meal, a drink, concert or festival, or even an escape game.


What kind of music do you tend to listen to?

I listen to lots of different styles! I can switch from hard rock to rap, electro to instrumental, and lots of other stuff.


What’s your favourite kind of holiday?

I spend my holidays in the South of France and visit friends who live locally. Because of Covid, I’m not travelling far. At least, not for the moment.

I love doing all kinds of things during the holidays. Whether it’s activities and exploring, or simply relaxing. However, I could never spend my entire holiday lounging around. I’m always keen to discover my surroundings!

My most memorable holiday was in Japan. I did a tour of the three largest cities (Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka).


Which skill would you like to have, but do you sadly lack?

I’d love to be a polyglot! I adore travelling, and having the opportunity to talk to lots of people from different places is all part of the travelling experience.