Moving into student accommodation? Here’s how to make your move easy!

It’s a real adventure moving into student accommodation: you just know it will be fun, without really knowing what lies ahead. After one and a half years of digital lessons, you finally have the opportunity to spread those wings and enjoy your freedom – and escape the watchful eye of your parents! All that’s left to do is to manage the move to your new pad and you’ll be ready for an exciting academic year. Here are some tips to give you a hand.

Students pack furniture with bubble wrap for a safe move

1.    Make a list

Good preparation is really important. If you simply pick up bits and bobs along the way and throw them into boxes you’re sure to forget half of it or take twice as much as you need. So start by asking yourself what you specifically need in your new student home? Your list is likely to include a desk, books and a shelf, a mattress, but also some real essentials, such as beer glasses, bottle opener, Twister to accompany those drinking games ... So make a list and your move will immediately seem much easier. 

Tip: list your things per topic or room. For example, everything you need in the bathroom, all study material, clothes, etc.

Another tip: your student pad will be (much) smaller than Hotel Mama, so think twice about what you really need and what can actually stay at home, since you’ll probably be there at the weekend anyway.


2.    Go to the ultimate gold mine: the second-hand shop

You won’t be in student accommodation forever and your means as a student are limited. Still missing some essentials? Why buy expensive and/or new stuff? Especially when you know that every self-respecting student city has a second-hand shop (or two) and only sells things that are still in good working order. 
The best part: do you have things you no longer need and that are still in an acceptable state? You can simply take them back to the second-hand shop. Or – depending on the particular terms – even have them collected for free. In doing so you’ll be doing your bit for the circular economy. 


3.    Make sure you have plenty of removal boxes and appropriate packing material

Using your handy list you’ll have a better idea of how many moving boxes you’ll need and whether you’ll require a removal van. Different types of boxes exist. For example, at Dockx, you’ll find just the right boxes to pack books, linen, plates, etc. And for those of you who are planning to smuggle some wine from Dad’s wine cellar, there is also a special winebox. But you didn’t hear it from us!

In addition to strong and roomy removal boxes, you’ll also need the appropriate removal van, a DIY ladder lift and the right packing material – to make things run smoothly on the big day. Things like protective covers, box openers, tape, bubble wrap, etc. Once again, Dockx has everything you need.


4.    Go exploring

Of course, you’ve no doubt visited your new student pad already (otherwise you wouldn’t have chosen it) and hopefully while you were there you already measured the doorways and windows to see if your desk and other large items will fit through. However, did you also properly explore the local area during your visit(s)? After all, when you move it’s important to know where you can park the removal van or about particular days when parking may not permitted, or whether you need to request a permit to be able to park in front of your student accommodation or use a removal lift, etc.
Is your student accommodation in a quiet residential district? Why not immediately let the neighbours know that you’ll soon be moving in (and that the move itself might cause a little noise and traffic obstruction)? In doing so, you’ll immediately get off to a good start!


5.    Go exploring properly

Since you’re coming to visit your new student pad and checking whether you can move in easily, you might as well make the most of the opportunity. After all, you’re already here now, right? If possible, join some friends or perhaps even those who’ll be sharing your accommodation – and track down some nice spots in your student city. Which café will be your new local? Or which ones are on the shortlist and need (thoroughly) testing out? Where are the nicest local restaurants and the cinema? Is there a park where you can chill out with a beer after studying or play a game of garden badminton? Don’t head home until you can answer these questions!


6.    Plan your move

Is moving day looming? Make sure that everything is arranged and everyone is informed. Does the removal specialist know when you are coming to collect the removal van? Are your friends and family informed of the kick-off time and has it been agreed who’s driving? Does the owner of your student accommodation know you’re coming? If you can say yes to all these questions you’re well prepared for your move and to start your new student adventures.


Oh yes, there’s just one more thing: living in a student city is a fantastic adventure. Even so, you may still fancy a short break or weekend away (for example, during the autumn holiday). Some fresh sea air, a short ski trip, whatever you fancy. Then don’t forget Dockx, with its wide range of rental vehicles and mini buses! In short, Dockx is a great partner for students on the move!