The 6 most beautiful autumn walks in Belgium

The beginning of autumn? That means it’s time for autumn walks in the most beautiful places in our own country! The rust-coloured leaves, a golden glow from the low-hanging sun, and the oxygen in the air from the slightly cooler temperatures form a beautiful backdrop for a day outdoors. Hop in your car with your family or rent a minibus with friends and plan a day trip to one of the six most beautiful places for autumn walks in Belgium. Are you ready for the best walking season? 

On a day trip by car or minibus

All you need is... a walking route and a means of transport to get to your dream destination for a successful autumn walk in Belgium. With a rental car from Dockx, you and your family or friends can enjoy a leisurely drive to your weekend destination without having to think about anything. Just put on some music, turn on the GPS and go.

Whether your destination or your party requires an environmentally-friendly car, a family car, a spacious minibus, a trailer for bicycles or simply a car equipped with a GPS: you’ll find a suitable car for every location, every group size and every wish. Your transport is arranged? Your route has been mapped out? Then all you have to do is enjoy one of the most beautiful places for an autumn walk in Belgium. 

1. The Pays de Chimay Forest

A long-distance hike through the Pays de Chimay Forest is a perfect autumn walk in Belgium to plan during a weekend break with friends. With a network of 178 km of Grande Randonnée paths and simple bivouacs every 15 km, you’ll be busy for a while. The Volkswagen Caravelle, for example, is suitable for transporting a large group of friends and enough camping equipment. A weekend away? Yes, please!

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The Pays de Chimay Forest

2. Muziekbos (Ronse, Flemish Ardennes)

For a true autumn feeling with the rustling melody of the leaves in the background, you should drive to the Muziekbos in Ronse and Maarkedal. Since it’s more than 100 hectares in size, you can have a great day here. You have the Muziekbos route of 10.2 km, a language border walk of 12.8 km and a walking challenge of 22.6 km. Whether you’re going hiking with your family or planning a weekend with friends, a Dockx rental car will get you to your destination safely. Do you fancy a break along the way? Then sit down at a picnic table on one of the resting benches. 

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Muziekbos Ronse

3. Kravaalbos (Aalst)

In the Kravaalbos, in hilly Pajottenland, you’ll discover more than 80 hectares of fascinating and varied nature in a beautiful landscape for one of the most beautiful autumn walks in Belgium. The forest near Aalst has three major walking loops in store for hiking enthusiasts. The three signposted walking loops include a yellow loop of 3.2 km, a blue loop of 3.8 km and a red loop of 4.2 km. During autumn, you can discover mushroom walks, and there is even a ‘Week of the Forest’ for children or other woodsmen. An estate car is the ideal vehicle to make your family outing or day trip with your children and their friends a success. More car space, more comfort and, above all, less stress to get to your destination smoothly.

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Kravaalbos Aalst

4. Hornebos (Limburg)

Close to the border with Wallonia, you’ll find the Hornebos in the extreme south of Limburg. What was once a castle estate is today a green oasis in a sea of undulating fields. The Hidden Beauty hike of 8.4 km leads you to a beautiful view of the surroundings from the plateau at about 130 metres above sea level. The views on the 3 km yellow hiking trail or the 8 km red hiking trail are also worthwhile. Get into an SUV, off-road vehicle or crossover and discover one of the most beautiful unknown places for autumn walks in your own country. 

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Hornebos Limburg

5. High Fens (Ardennes)

It goes without saying that the High Fens are among the most beautiful autumn walks. With its open moors and hundreds of kilometres of paved and semi-paved roads, this area is a real hiking paradise. Park a little further away, as there is limited parking capacity. That’s why a trip with a compact car is perfect for taking up as little space as possible. Map out the route to the hiking area and let yourself be tempted by the deeply incised brook valleys and dry valleys. There is a hike of 9.1 km to the untouched Trôs-Marets valley. Pleasure walk 13, which is 15 km long, takes you through Xhoffraix. Would you prefer a very long route? Then the 160 km GR 573 is for you. It goes straight through Angleur, Pepinster, Eupen, Botrange, Hockai, Polleur and Franchimont. 

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High Fens Ardennes

6. Kasteelbossen (Bruges)

In the southwest of Bruges, you’ll find the Kasteelbossen. The Three Castles Route of 12 km is undoubtedly the most popular walking route. It takes you past, among others, Tillegem Castle, Beisbroek, Tudor, Magdalena estate and woods around Loppem Castle. The 11 km St. Martin’s path takes you along the park and tourist attractions like a petting zoo and a nature playground. Is a shorter route more to your taste? Then the 3.5 km Ommetje Zevenkerken is ideal. Hop in a Dockx rental car and drive towards this large green lung near the little Venice of Flanders. With the GPS, it’s easy to get to the spot where you want to start: at the beginning or end of the route. 

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Kasteelbossen Bruges

Would you like to know which cars or minibuses you can rent to go on a walking trip with friends or family in comfort? You’ll find Dockx’s offerings here. Which of these autumn walks in Belgium will you choose this year?