Meet Dimitri Delcour

Meet our financial miracle: Dimitri Delcour. Dimitri is the man we can count on when it comes to figures and costs within our company. For the past three years, he has been Joeri’s right hand when it comes to everything financial. Sales reports and analyses? Annual accounts? Dimitri is more than happy to make it happen. He does this together with the expertise of his highly talented accountants Brigitte and Elke. He can always rely on these two women to get the job done. When not working on the daily auditing of the company accounts, you’ll find him together with his family on his time off. He loves being a father to his daughter and stepdaughter and is also happily married. Read here all about Dimitri's ambitions and moments of happiness in his life.

Meet Dimitri Delcour, Financial Controller Dockx

Can you tell us something about the course of your career? 

On 3 December, I will have been employed as Financial Controller at Dockx for three years. In my previous job as an accountant, I no longer found the challenge I was looking for. I was looking for a new challenge within the financial world. I came across the vacancy for Financial Controller via LinkedIn, and I took a chance. Now, three years later, I can still say with great satisfaction that I made the right decision. I’ve learned a lot and continue to grow. COVID has created many additional challenges, so it certainly hasn’t been boring in the accounting department. I am very satisfied with the results we have achieved and where I am now. It has been a challenging and educational journey. 


What motivates you to go to work happily every day? 

I think it’s very important that when you work somewhere, you also enjoy going to work. The bond with colleagues is crucial. Cooperation with ‘my two ladies’  is important to run the department well. And that cooperation is great! We have a very good dynamic. My work is never boring. Dockx is a dynamic company that doesn’t stand still. We have accomplished a lot in the past few years: a new website, a unique app, etc. All these projects have had a great impact on us and our company’s future. It is nice to be part of this. 


What are your main tasks? 

I have a vast range of tasks. My main task is to ensure, together with Joeri Dockx, that Dockx Rental remains profitable. As a Financial Controller, it’s crucial that I can quickly tap into the figures and supervise that everything is running smoothly and correctly so that we can make the right decisions for the company based on this information. In addition, I have to make sure that my two bookkeepers remain satisfied. They are definitely pleased with the atmosphere.


What is your most memorable Dockx moment? 

The launch of the new website and application. The roll-out and the results are really impressive. These launches are a milestone at Dockx, and I’m glad I witnessed them. On a personal level, my individual growth is certainly also memorable. The reports in PowerBi that I launched (and that actually work) are my showpiece, and I’m very proud of them. 


Are you passionate about cars yourself? 

One of the reasons I applied at Dockx was my interest in the car world. Cars have always interested me. I prefer tough and sporty cars, like the BMW X5 and the Mercedes GLE. 


What do you like to do in your free time? 

I enjoy spending time with my family. I spend most of my free time with my children and wife. They’re very important to me. I also like to dine out with a delicious glass of wine. 


How do you like to spend your holidays?

For me, holidays are about relaxing. I prefer to relax on an all-in holiday with my family in a sunny destination. Sun, food, drinks and family - that’s pure enjoyment. Later, when the children have flown the coop, I would also like to travel to far-off places with my wife. America, Dubai and South Africa are all destinations that I find appealing.


Are you musical? 

I couldn’t get through the day without music; it’s very important to me. I used to play the piano, but unfortunately I didn’t keep up with it. But I’m sure that I’ll pick it up again one day, and then I’ll buy a grand piano (laughs). I don’t have a favourite genre of music; I like everything - as long as it’s not hard rock. 


What is your personal highlight in your life? 

That is the birth of my daughter, without a doubt. The birth of a child is the most beautiful thing there is, and nothing compares to it. I often think back to that day; it was an unreal and unimaginable event. And I’m still amazed at my wife’s performance. We got married one month before the birth. That was also a very beautiful moment in my life. So we experienced a lot in a short period of time. It was an intense and wonderful period. 


What talent would you like to have, but unfortunately don’t have? 

I am currently very satisfied with who I am and what I can do. It may be a stupid thing to say, but I don’t have anything I would really like to be able to do. I am satisfied with what I can do, with my skills and where I am in my life. I’m a happy man. 


Who or what makes you laugh? 

My children. When I come home after a hard day and see my kids, I quickly forget all my worries. They can make you laugh at silly things and you quickly forget the serious stuff. My youngest daughter is also my replica. She makes the same faces and does things that I would do. These similarities really make me laugh.


What is your greatest ambition in life?

On the business side, I would like to continue to grow. My greatest ambition is to become CFO. It has always been my ambition. On a personal level, my ambition is to be able to give my family everything they need and deserve. I strive to be a good husband to my wife and a good father to my children. It’s not always an easy task, but I do everything in my power to do this as well as possible for the rest of my life.