Which moving box for which possessions?

Planning to move shortly? Then it’s best to check which moving boxes and moving materials you will need to transport your things safely to your new home. Take advantage of our handy packing tips and smart moving solutions, and keep the removal stress at bay. 


Which moving box for which possessions? Follow our steps and make your move easy.

An efficient move starts with the right moving box. Different types of moving box are a must if you want your possessions to arrive in your new home without damage. You’ll save yourself lots of annoyance. Here are some tips to help you choose the right moving box: 

  • Book box: a book box is designed to support extra weight and is therefore ideal for heavier things, such as your favourite books and photo albums.  
  • Linen box: a linen box is a little wider than normal, allowing you to add various piles of clothing easily side by side. 
  • Dinnerware box: a dinnerware box has an extra-strong base, allowing you to safely stack your plates, pots and pans. By adding glass dividers to the dinnerware box you can move even the most delicate champagne flutes without any worries.
  • Archive box: your office material also deserves a particular kind of moving box. Pack up your office material in strong filing boxes with handles.
  • Wardrobe box: a wrinkle-free move? Choose a tall moving box with a built-in coat hanger. Then your wardrobe will remain uncreased, even if you have no time to unload the box right away.
  • Key box: worried you may lose your smallest possessions during the move? You won’t be when you use the orange-coloured moving boxes, which are ideal for your chargers, remote control, keys and much more besides. 
  • Children’s moving boxes: even children enjoy helping with the move if you let them pack up their things in some fun moving boxes. Dockx has a really fun moving box, giving your child a free rein to be creative and paint or colour the box. This will help moving become a joyful activity. 
  • Plastic storage box: looking for a more sustainable box? Plastic boxes are perfect for keeping off the dust and storing things like sheets, clothing, toys, duvets, pillows, and blankets after your move is finished.
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Customised moving kits

No idea how many moving boxes you should buy? A family of 3 requires approximately 30 moving boxes. If there are 5 of you, it’s best to buy 70 moving boxes. This is only approximate, as it’s not always easy to estimate the size of all your household items. Much depends on the size of your family, the type of home and how long you’ve been living there. That’s why we combined our moving experience and created 4 moving kits for you to choose from. That’s how easy moving can be!

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How to move house

To pack up your possessions quickly and safely you can use a whole host of packing material that won’t let you down even in the heat of your moving activities. With a selection of the right material you can send your belongings safely and efficiently to their home. Some tips:

  • Protect fragile items with wrapping tissue, bubble wrap, packing paper and warning tape
  • Make sure that your mattresses don’t become dirty or dusty by wrapping them in a sturdy mattress cover. Do the same with your sofa: a sofa cover will keep it safe from stains and smudges. 
  • Use handy plate protectors, which are sheets that you lay between your plates, to prevent damage and scratches. 
  • Remember to use strong floor cover to keep floors safe from scratches. 
  • Choose a tape dispenser that can be operated with just one hand, allowing you to seal your moving boxes in a flash. 
  • Thanks to handy coloured stickers you can organise your moving boxes according to room. 
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Extra tip!

Save a huge amount of time and effort during your move with handy moving tools, such as tension tapes, wheel boards, hand trucks, etc. These are a great help in moving and transporting your goods efficiently. 

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Do it yourself or call in some help?

Dockx Rental has everything you need to make your move easier: from removal vans to self-assembly ladder lifts. However, you can also depend on us to manage your move for you. Our Dockx Movers carefully pack up your possessions and use the ladder lift to pack everything into the moving van. Disassembly and re-assembly of furniture, disconnection and reconnection of electrical appliances: there’s no limit to our Movers’ moving expertise. 

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