Partner in the spotlight Jumik

One software package to support an entire operational business. That was the challenging task for our partner Jumik, a software company specialising in fleet management. Read on to discover more about our collaboration and the innovations that we have already accomplished together. An interview with Dieter Speleers, Sales and Business Development Manager at Jumik. 


What does Jumik do? 

Jumik is a software company specialising in fleet management. Using the fleet software ProPlanner, we help car-rental firms and car dealers in leasing, renting and optimising their use of vehicles and accessories. 


What has Jumik already done for Dockx? 

When we came into contact with Dockx Rental in 2015, they still depended on a number of outdated customised products to run their business. At the time, Dockx was searching for one futureproof generic product. After a lot of workshops and deep discussions, we finally managed to cover everything with ProPlanner. After all, ProPlanner may be a product, but we also have the expertise in-house to tailor the package entirely to the customer’s specific wishes and requirements. So for Dockx, we integrated not only the fleet management system, but also their fines processing system, accounting system and website. Using ProPlanner we installed one central platform and, in doing so, have taken Dockx’ business to a higher level in many areas. 

How we operate and continue working together? Specifically, we organise a monthly workshop during which we discuss operational matters on the one hand, but on the other hand also consider the future. We continuously search for ways to improve our solutions and for innovations that give both us and our customers a unique and strong market offer. 


Why is it fun to be partners?

We both apply the Customer First Principle in our business. We provide customised solutions, a good service and excellent support. That’s extremely important, both to Jumik and to Dockx. Jumik also has a strong knowledge of the business and culture at Dockx, having worked together so intensely and for so long. The project managers are also very well acquainted, thanks to the monthly workshops. So it’s really fun to work together. 


What was the biggest challenge? 

Dockx Rental has been around for many decades and already had a very comprehensive business. Right from day one our collaboration was very broad and involved lots of customised developments. And actually that’s still the case. Dockx remains a very strong innovator and is always considering how they can differentiate themselves.  That has been and continues to be a big, but very interesting challenge.


How do you see your future together? 

Once again, we have the same innovating and pioneering DNA. That’s very important to Jumik and we have the same experience with Dockx. For example, we are now looking how we can offer added value with vehicle telematics, the transition towards electric vehicles, charging-station management, etc. All kinds of things where we again aim to offer added value, and secure growth together.


Finally, which accomplishment are you most proud of? 

For me that’s definitely our Self Service App which is fully integrated with the operational package ProPlanner. In 2018, Dockx wanted to explore the opportunity of unmanned rental. Jumik is the platform integrator of Continental Automotive’s hardware, so in that respect we were ideally placed to take care of this for Dockx. We have made it possible to rent and open a vehicle with an app and without the intervention of a physical person, and to do all this within the same platform and with the same planning. The Dockx app and web content are both fed by our marketing module in ProPlanner, so you no longer need a separate Content Management System. Our aim is always as much central control as possible and fully integrated solutions. Our Self Service App is also fully integrated with ProPlanner as an operational package. I believe that’s a really great example of how our business knowledge and the practical experience of Dockx Rental can lead to successful innovations.