Meet Michiel

Meet Michiel, our Fleet Team Leader. We have been counting on Michiel for 17 years. He has become a permanent and indispensable asset at Dockx. Find out more about our friendly and driven colleague here. 

Team Leader Fleet at Dockx Rental, Michiel

You’ve worked here for quite a few years now. How has your career progressed at Dockx? 

I started at Dockx as a mechanic 17 years ago. After a few years, I began helping out more and more with administrative tasks, which is how I ended up in the office. Starting in 2013 as Fleet Team Leader, I have led a small team of three mechanics and a driver. Together with my team, I’m responsible for the repairs, maintenance, and inspections of the entire 1,400-vehicle fleet. I’m responsible for the organisation and planning of it all. So I have lots of different tasks, which makes it interesting and challenging each day.  

What does your normal day look like?  

I get up at about six in the morning and start the day with a cup of coffee and read my emails. This gives me a good overview of the day’s priorities. I arrive at the office at about 7:15 am. 

My first job in the office is to see what came in from overnight transfers. I use these to create work orders and then divide them up on the mechanics’ planning board. Once the workshop is up and running, I check the repairs needed as requested in ProPlanner by our Shop staff. New work orders arrive throughout the day and maybe emergency repairs, which means the planning can change several times a day. You have to take into account that we receive about 130 to 140 vehicles a week to repair. That’s quite a lot of organising… and hard work. As soon as a vehicle is ready, it’s handed over to my colleague Sven. He then takes care of the transfer planning. Our garage is a well-oiled machine.

Besides preparing work orders, I also follow up on the scheduling of vehicle maintenance and inspection. We have 1,400 vehicles in the fleet, which means I have to schedule these about three times a week. 

Another big part of my job is dealing with external suppliers. For instance, I compare prices for purchasing fleet parts, I deal with the garages that we work with for maintenance, external repairs, inspections, and so on. When a vehicle comes back from a repair or inspection, I or someone from my team also check this vehicle once more. 

And during the day, I also receive lots of questions, emails, and phone calls that I have to follow up on. So, I’ve got a very varied and interesting job where scheduling is my most challenging main task. 

I usually leave for home at about 5 pm. In my free time in the evenings, I sometimes play tennis with my wife, go swimming with my daughter, or go to the pub for a beer. And soon I can finally get back to aikido. 

What do you like most about your job? 

The enjoyable, friendly work environment at Dockx. Which makes working with my colleagues really pleasant. I get a lot of satisfaction from helping my colleagues (via the phone). The variety and flexibility of the job also mean my days are always challenging. So, in a nutshell, the entire job is fun. 

What are your personal goals? 

At the moment, I’m quite satisfied with the path I’ve taken at Dockx. It’s why I have personally grown a lot. I can’t really say how much I can keep growing my responsibilities. But, Dockx is a dynamic company, so who knows where the future will take me? 

What did you want to be as a child? 

When I was a kid, I always wanted to become a bank manager. I think that dream was because I wanted to follow in my dad’s footsteps. But, when I was about 12, I gave up on that dream. It was no longer cool to do what your parents do (laughs)

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I had surgery on my back a few years back. This meant I had to give up what I love to do in my spare time, aikido. In September, I can finally get going again. I’m really looking forward to it. My biggest ambition is to get a black belt.