Driving safely in the Easy Box

A user-friendly moving van that features a convenient electric tailgate lift, a spacious cargo space that is functionally equipped, and can be rented 24/7. The Easy Box is the perfect vehicle for your move. 

Dockx Rental's Easy Box moving van

Moving house is always exciting. You can enlist the help of a professional moving company, but if you prefer to do it yourself, sturdy moving equipment can help you keep stress to a minimum.

As a provider of quality moving solutions, we are happy to assist you. The Dockx Easy Box, the most compact in our range of moving vans, is the perfect all-round solution. This moving van is a unique combination of convenience and available storage space. It’s perfect for transporting heavy items and moving as much as possible in one go.

Spacious moving van with plenty of storage space

The Easy Box’s cargo space is 4.32 m long, 2.10 m wide, and 2.10 m high, good for a loading volume of 19.10 m³. The total load capacity of the Easy Box is 550 kg. The car is suitable for drivers with a B driving licence

! Please note: Parking or manoeuvring? Make sure you leave plenty of space when manoeuvring and take extra care and be patient when parking. After all, the vehicle is longer and higher than you think, so an accident can happen at any time! To find out the height of the vehicle, take a look at the sticker on the windshield on the driver’s side. 

Maximum convenience during your move

An important aspect of convenience is the electric tailgate lift. Loading and unloading can be time-consuming, but an efficient tailgate lift makes loading and unloading heavy items easier. For example, a moving van with a tailgate lift has the advantage that you do not have to lift large and heavy goods into the cargo space. That’s less stress on your back and it’s faster, too! 

Demonstration of Easy Box moving van tailgate lift use

Thanks to the two control panels, the tailgate lift can be operated from both inside and outside the cargo space. It can also be deactivated by the driver. That way, you can leave your belongings in the moving van without any worries. 

! Please note: always leave the engine running when using the tailgate lift. to prevent the battery from being drained.

Find out how to use the tailgate lift correctly
Demonstration of Easy Box moving van side door use

The Easy Box also features a separately opening side door. It can be operated using a key supplied with the vehicle. Besides this convenient side door, you, as a renter, can also count on three seats in the front of this van. 

Find out how to open and close the side door
Demonstration of using securing battens Easy Box moving van

Are you moving in the dark? The cargo space is also equipped with LED lighting. In addition, securing battens are mounted against the side walls. The securing battens in the cargo area enable you to easily and safely secure your goods using moving straps. This keeps your goods from moving around in the cargo space. Protect your fragile or precious belongings with moving blankets as well. Blankets, straps, and other moving and packaging materials are all available from Dockx.

Check out the advantages of the spacious cargo space

Easy refuelling

The Easy Box, usually a Volkswagen Crafter, has a diesel engine. The fuel cap is located on the driver’s side of the cab. In addition, this car has AdBlue technology. The AdBlue cap is located under the bonnet or below or above the diesel fuel cap. Make sure you never put AdBlue into the diesel cap! The indicator on the trip computer will show you when to top up the AdBlue. Watch this video to see when to top up the AdBlue and how to fill the vehicle’s fuel tank. 

See how to refill the AdBlue

24/7 availability

Those who want to use the Easy Box and all the convenience associated with it can do so 24/7. A rental can be arranged via the Dockx app or through the staffed Dockx Service Shops. 

Watch a demonstration video on how to use the Easy Box here.

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