The right vehicle for your renovation

Which vehicle for which renovation?

When you get started on a renovation or do-it-yourself project, you discover before long that you need a vehicle for transporting materials. Different models of delivery and moving vans can be easily rented from a specialist like Dockx Rental, but it is important to choose the right type. “A mistake that lots of customers make is that they reason that the larger the vehicle, the more it holds,” explains Klaas Sels, Development & Training Manager Dockx Rental. “With a category B driving license, you are limited to a maximum of 3.5 tonnes. In other words, the combined weight of the vehicle itself and the load may be no greater than 3,500 kg. So, a larger vehicle is not necessarily more suitable for more materials.”

Dockx Rental rents out, for example, the voluminous Easy Box, which is perfect for transporting furniture,” continues Klaas. “You can also fill it from top to bottom with insulating material or other lightweight building materials that weigh next to nothing. But the Easy Box should not be used to transport pallets of roofing tiles, for instance, or bags of cement. That could end up being a costly decision considering the amount of the fines for overloading.”

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Know what you need

Important advice for those getting started on a renovation, construction or relocation project is to know what you will be transporting, so that you will know exactly what kind of vehicle you will need. “And don’t fall into the trap of cutting corners,” warns Klaas. “In other words, thinking that I want to get everything done as quickly as possible or all at once, so I’ll just rent the biggest possible van. Because you will then run the risk of overloading. So, which type is the best choice in terms of volume to load capacity ratio? I would go with the Mega Van, an all-round van with a loading area of 1.84 metres high and 3.26 metres long, and a load capacity of 1,235 kg. So, it’s got plenty of space to hold all kinds of things. And what about our open van, the Pick-Up B? This model is perfect for transporting loose materials like sand or dry mortar mix, which you can easily shovel out. With its cargo area of nearly 3.60 metres long and 2 metres wide, it can haul up to 1,005 kg. And a category B driving license is sufficient for this vehicle as well.”


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During a move or renovation, you also need to think beyond the traditional van where you simply fill up the cargo space. “We also have vans with a roof rack,” adds Klaas. “These are perfect for transporting things like sewer and other pipes. This type of vehicle can be helpful in specific situations, but, of course, is not the most standard choice. But it can be very useful.”

Custom relocation advice

Those interested in advice on the right vehicle type can always get assistance from Dockx Rental. After all, thanks to their experience, staff members are able to point out factors you may not have considered, such as how to use the wooden securing battens in the moving vans to prevent the cargo from shifting during transport or why it may be a good idea to rent moving straps and blankets to make sure everything arrives at the destination undamaged. Or even why a moving van with a tailgate lift is recommended for the convenience and comfort it offers when loading and unloading heavy items. And so on.

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