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Transport your Diffusion Menuiserie lumber & hardware store purchases easily using a Dockx delivery van

Is your car too small to transport your lumber, sheet metal, flooring, or other Diffusion Menuiserie purchases? Our delivery vans are ready and waiting at the Diffusion Menuiserie Cuesmes store exit to transport all your large goods efficiently. Leave easily using your digital key in the Dockx app. You can also rent your van here without any obligation to purchase something at Diffusion Menuiserie. 


Rent a delivery van 24/7 in Cuesmes (Mons)

Want to rent a delivery van or moving van in Cuesmes? You can do that at the Cuesmes (Diffusion Menuiserie) Dockx Pick-up Point. Reserve your vehicle easily via the website or the app: choose Cuesmes (Diffusion Menuiserie) from the list of locations, the date, the time, and the type of vehicle. You can pick up and return your vehicle here 24/7, including Sundays and public holidays. How does it work? Simply start the rental from the Dockx app home screen. You can also open and close the vehicle using the digital key in the app. Want to learn more? Read all about the app here or watch our instruction video. Download now for Android or Apple.


Vehicle fleet

At Dockx Pick-up Point Cuesmes you can rent our Mini Van, Mega Van and Easy Box. Perfect for transporting all your large Diffusion Menuiserie goods efficiently. Can’t find what you’re looking for or do you need a truckminibus or trailer? You can always visit one of our Dockx Service Shops for assisted car rental. 

The vehicles have a fixed pitch at the Pick-up Point in Cuesmes that is clearly marked. You simply pick up your delivery or removal van at the indicated location and return it to the same place afterwards. This lets the next customer leave quickly, too.


What is a Dockx Pick-up Point?

Pick-up Point is a retailer's car park or an unmanned location where you can hire a delivery or removal van via the Dockx app. This means you can hire and pick up your vehicle from a nearby location any time of day (24/7), including Sundays and public holidays. The rental process takes place at a Pick-up Point and is entirely digital. This way, you can get on the road with your vehicle even faster! Read more about our Pick-up Points here

Prefer to hire a vehicle with the assistance of our Dockx staff? No problem! View all our Dockx Service Shops here. 

Pick-up Point Cuesmes (Diffusion Menuiserie)

Rue de la Poire d'Or 10
7033 Cuesmes

Michaël Biesmans

Pick-up Point Manager

Michaël Biesmans Shop Manager Dockx Rental Deurne