Removal lifts

If you’re moving to an apartment or a house with multiple floors, a Dockx self-assembly ladder lift can help you move at your own pace up to a height of 9.50 m. If you’d prefer a helping hand, you can opt for our full-service ladder lift rental with expert Dockx Movers operators

Self-assembly ladder lift

With our self-assembly ladder lift, you can move items as high up as the third floor at your own pace (max. height: 9.50 m): the perfect solution if you’ve bought a new sofa or washing machine, or if you’re handling your move yourself.

If you’d like to rent a self-assembly ladder lift, you can do so quickly and easily online, or you can contact your nearest Dockx Service Shop. 

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How does a removal lift work?  

When you collect your ladder lift, a Dockx employee will personally explain how to assemble and safely operate it. We’ll also give you a detailed manual, or you can view our demo video online. 

  • If you’re planning on using a ladder lift during your move, we recommend having at least 3 other people available to lend a hand. You’ll need their help when assembling the lift and to safely operate the lift during your move.
  • A self-assembly ladder lift can only be transported in a van or on a trailer. It cannot be towed by a car with a tow bar and it won’t fit into an estate car. 
  • Removal lifts are electronically operated, so plan ahead to ensure you have a plug socket and an extension cable available if necessary. 

Ladder lift technical details 

  • When you collect your self-assembly ladder lift, it will be in a disassembled state.
  • The removal lift consists of a basic ladder (height: 2.00 m) with a motor and multiple extension ladders.
  • Ladder lift height: up to three floors (max 9.50 m).
  • Maximum load platform capacity: 200 kg.
  • Load platform dimensions:
    • Closed: 1.20 m x 0.80 m
    • Open: 2.00 m x 1.20 m
  • A roof tile tray for roofing work is available on request.
  • The Dockx ladder lifts are in perfect condition: they are inspected every 3 months by an accredited inspection body.

Rental locations

You can collect a self-assembly ladder lift at the following Dockx Service Shops. Please contact your shop for more information. 

Self-assembly ladder lift prices

Book your self-assembly ladder lift quickly and easily online. You can choose whether to pay at the shop on online. As usual, there will be no surprises: our prices are fully transparent. 

Period Incl. VAT Excl. VAT
Weekday € 85.00 € 70.25
Saturday € 115.00 € 95.04
Sunday € 115.00 € 95.04
Weekend € 150.00 € 123.97
Week on demand on demand
Month on demand on demand
  • Deposit for 1 day of ladder lift rental with own transport: € 500.00 incl. VAT 
  • Deposit for 1 day of ladder lift rental with Dockx van: € 250.00 incl. VAT 
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We recommend buying extra insurance cover to reduce the amount you’ll have to pay if the lift is damaged. 

Removal lift with operator

If you’re looking to keep things simple, or if you need a removal lift that reaches up to the 12th floor, moving company Dockx Movers offers removal lift rentals that include expert operators.

For more information, contact Dockx Movers. 

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