A load capacity of 4.8 tonnes and a cargo area that is 6.17 m long, 2.45 m wide and 2.24 m high: the City Truck has room for all kinds of goods and materials. The tailgate helps you load and unload faster. The cargo area has wooden slats. That keeps your load from shifting during the move. For this vehicle, use of a digitach is mandatory.

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Driving licence C
4800 kg
34.60 m³
617 x 245 x 224 cm
City Truck
Exterior (L x W x H) 822 x 255 x 354 cm
Tailgate lift capacity 1000 kg
Tailgate lift length 200 cm
Load floor height 110 cm
Fuel type Diesel
Number of seats 2 seats
Average consumption 28 l/100 km
Side door No
Digitach Yes