Choosing the right removal van in five steps

Moving house is quite a job. Sorting out all your stuff, packing and then labelling the boxes (highly recommended!). To cross one thing off your endless to-do list, you can reserve a removal van at Dockx in advance. You can move all your belongings quickly and safely in this van. We have various types of removal vans on offer. Here is a step-by-step plan for choosing the right removal van to suit your needs.

Move with Dockx Rental moving van

1. The right driving licence

For some removal vans, it is not enough to simply have a B driving licence. With a BE driving licence, however, you can drive all removal vans. This extra code is referred to as C1+E on licences obtained after 1 May 2013.

View our range of removal vans for driving licence B and BE

2. Weight of your household effects

Each cargo space has a different maximum weight. Overloaded vehicles swerve more quickly in bends and have a longer braking distance. They can also incur heavy fines in the event of a road check. That’s why it’s a good idea to calculate the weight of your household effects before the move

3. Size of moving items

The height and length of your belongings determine which size removal van is suitable for you. A high refrigerator, an L-shaped couch or a large desk are all items you should take into account. 

4. Do you need a tailgate lift?

A removal van with a tailgate lift, such as the Easy Box, is practical for loading and unloading heavy items. Otherwise, you will never be able to take your grandmother’s vintage three-piece wooden cupboard to your new home. 

5. Capacity of the cargo space

If your new home is one village away, there is no harm in driving up and down a few times. If, on the other hand, you are exploring a new province, a move can take extra long with a cargo space that’s too small. 

To find the right removal van to move your household effects in one go, you will find all the necessary information about dimensions, load weight, etc. on our website. You can also get additional moving advice in our Shop, where our shop assistants will be happy to answer all your questions to get you well on your way.

Every Dockx removal van also has wooden tie-down strips so that all your valuable items stay neatly in place. Rent some moving ribbons, moving blankets or a moving kit with a dolly and you can even transport your fragile tableware in the cargo space with complete peace of mind. All moving boxes and moving supplies can also be purchased online

Moving every day of the week? No need to worry! You can rent Dockx removal vans every weekday up to 30% cheaper. You can also choose to rent a removal van for one or two days at the weekend, with extra discounts on Sundays.

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