Relocation with Dockx Rental moving van in residential area

What will your move cost?

Before you move to your new house or apartment, you should work out how much the move will cost you. Rest assured: at Dockx, there is a solution for every removal budget. Your removal costs are determined by a number of factors: will you do everything yourself or will you hire professional movers? How many moving boxes and equipment do you need? How large is your inventory and what is your longest piece? Which removal van do you choose? Check here which removal costs you should take into account. 

Good preparation is really important.  

To avoid unexpected moving expenses, it is best to make a clear moving plan. 

  • Calculate how much time you will need to move and book your removal van and removal lift in good time. From 5 days onwards or on a Sunday or a weekday, the rental price is usually more favourable.
  • Estimate the volume of all your household effects Use this information to calculate how many moving boxes and moving materials you will need. By buying everything at once, you might even benefit from a quantity discount.
  • You pack small items yourself. You can dismantle a bed or a cupboard yourself to save time and money.
  • The distance between your old and new home also determines the price. A removal van that only has to travel 30 km or one that has to travel 250 km? You can feel that in your budget. If you have a long distance to travel, it may be more convenient to drop off your moving van at another location.
  • Find extra helping hands to save time and costs. By bringing in family or friends, you get more work done in a short time. 
  • Do you prefer to hire professional movers? Choose a local moving company to avoid travel costs.  

Are you still not sure how to start your move?

Read our handy moving checklist here to help you prepare for your move. 


Which removal van at what price?

The volume of your household contents will determine which removal van is right for you. Generally there is a choice to be made between vans and removal vans

Calculate the exact load capacity and load volume you need. If you are moving the contents of a small studio, a small van is just what you need. The smallest models have a load volume of 6 m³. For the removal of a house or apartment, we recommend a removal van with an average load volume of 19 m³. These are also the most popular removal vans. But also consider whether you want a vehicle with a tailgate for extra comfort. Or do you need a vehicle with a tow bar?

For the rental of a van or moving van, keep in mind that the daily price is between 85 and 200 euros. Also consider renting an extra moving set or other moving tools. A moving set consists of a dolly, moving blankets and ratchet straps. Save time and effort with our handy Dockx moving tools. 

Additional tips to reduce moving costs: 

  • Pick a date during the week or on a Sunday: this way you can rent removal vans at a cheaper rate than at the weekend. 
  • To avoid extra stress, it is best to opt for a surrender exemption. In the event of damage, you will have to pay much less and you are sure of a low damage cost. 
  • Pick a moving company local to you. This way, you limit the costs for extra kilometres and save on fuel consumption. 

Pack up and go! 

Moving is not possible without the necessary moving boxes and packing materials. You should also take this into account when estimating the costs.To find out the price of packing material, we can recommend Dockx Boxes. On the country’s largest webshop for packing material you will find everything: moving boxes, tape, mattress protectors, corner protectors, floor protection, bubble wrap,... You can also buy a moving kit. The offer consists of four packs that have been put together by removal experts and contain all the necessary moving boxes and equipment for your move.

Please allow for a cost between € 60 and € 300 for the purchase of your moving boxes and equipment.

Dockx Moving kit 4 to 5 persons

Moving to an upper floor? 

There is also a price for a self-assembly ladder lift. Are you moving to an apartment or a house with floors? Then a self-assembly ladder lift up to 9.5 metres in height is a must have. In a handy instruction video the operation of the lift is clearly explained to you. For 85 euros you can use it for a day during the week and for a full weekend you pay 150 euros.

If you’d prefer a removal lift with an operator to make things easier, or if you need a removal lift that reaches up to the 12th floor, Then contact a removal company in your area. 

Move with a professional 

You can save on your moving costs in several ways. You will save the most if you do the move yourself or enlist the help of friends and family. Do you prefer to use professional and reliable movers? Moving company Dockx Movers offers handy moving formulas. This can be fully tailored to your needs: with a large or small moving van, with 2 or more professional and experienced movers, with or without ladder lift service, etc. The price depends on the chosen formula. Contact Dockx Movers for a customised removal plan.