Smooth transport operations start with the right materials

And professional moving material is not only useful for regular moves. You won’t get very far without moving straps, moving boxes, and a moving van. And having the right material is just as important if you need to transport a special purchase/delivery, organise an event, or are required to handle large projects. Would you like to know more about how the right materials will make your transport operations safer, more efficient, and more ecological? Read on!

Make it easier for yourself with useful tools

The right moving tools make the organisation of any transport operation or project a lot easier. Instead of straining your back through repetitive lifting work, use a handy hand truck or a roller board. Be sure to select specific moving boxes so you can transport your belongings more efficiently and safely. Do you need to seal the boxes? Then use a tape dispenser. Everything will go much faster and more efficiently if you use the right materials, and you will save time and costs. In addition, less physical manpower will be required. Even making a small investment in the right moving material therefore has advantages. 

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Choose an ecological approach

Are you required to transport small loads on a regular basis, and do you use different materials each time? Plastic storage boxes are reusable, but investing in sustainable cardboard boxes works just as well. You can reuse them over and over again. Choose Dockx boxes; they use double layered, recycled cardboard. Use recycled packaging chips if you are transporting fragile items. The chips fill up the empty spaces and fix the products in the box. This makes them resistant to shocks, and both the products and the moving boxes will last longer. Paper eco tape is another recommendation. 

Did you know that more than 90% of the Dockx moving boxes and materials are locally manufactured? So you’ll also be doing your bit to help at the same time.

Protect your equipment

Protecting items in transit is critical, especially when moving fragile items. By choosing specific materials such as sturdy moving boxes and protective packaging materials (wrapping film, protective cloths, moving blankets, plate protectors, etc.), you can be sure your belongings will be moved safely and with minimal hassle to their destination. 

Dockx’s high-quality materials offer the best protection for your belongings. Whether you’re moving delicate artwork, fragile glassware, or large pieces of furniture, our extensive range of moving materials, moving boxes, and moving tools are designed to ensure your belongings remain safe and intact during transit.

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Protect your data

The business community is digitising at a rapid pace, but this doesn’t mean traditional archives are a thing of the past. A physical archive will always have its place, even in a highly digitised working environment.You can easily optimise your internal archive storage with a clear storage system. Sturdy archive boxes are a must for this. Choose cardboard boxes in which you can store folders, files, and magazines. Store them in a dry environment and your documents will be protected against mould, moisture, and vermin for years to come.

Are you looking for a professional partner for your archiving and archive management? Contact Dockx Rhenus Archisafe for an effective archive management plan for your files.  

Rent a delivery or moving van

When you’re looking for a larger vehicle or need extra transport, renting a moving or delivery van is the perfect solution to make your transport easier. We have a wide range of vehicles available at Dockx Rental, which means you can always choose the right vehicle for your specific transport needs. Renting the right vehicle will ensure you can move your goods around safer and more efficiently

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In short, professional moving equipment makes everything easier. Visit Dockx Boxes to purchase all your moving equipment, large or small. Here at Dockx Rental, we are happy to help you find the right vehicle and the necessary moving tools for your specific transport needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. 

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