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A professional moving service, or do it all yourself?

Professional moving services or rolling up your own sleeves?

Moving is a big deal requiring the necessary preparations, clear instructions and plenty of support. Which brings us to the question: should you carry out the move yourself or leave it to a professional moving service? What are the benefits in doing it yourself versus choosing a recognised professional? Of course, there are advantages either way.


How big and reliable is your network?

Perhaps the first thing you think of when you start planning a move: can I depend on friends and family? It may be naïve to think that the answer to that question is ‘yes’. Many people will probably be willing to help, but when it actually comes down to it, they may have other  plans. Also, you should consider how helpful those helping hands really are – what is the advantage of that clumsy cousin, however kind? – and whether those friends and family members have the essential moving equipment so that you can save on the costs. For example, a van, boxes, an empty garage for emergency storage, or just lots of experience or expertise in packing up or moving house.

With a professional moving service you have no worries, because once the contract is signed the movers turn up exactly as you have agreed and do the work exactly as you would expect. Professional, in other words.


What is your available budget?

Budget is a key factor because a professional moving service does cost you money. There are the costs of labour for those doing the removals, the transport of your possessions, the rental of vans and moving vans, the moving lift, possibly a weekend supplement and maybe even a need for some storage space. In return for this investment, however, you are guaranteed that your move will go smoother, quicker and without damage. Furthermore, professional moving services can naturally do removals in the week (as well), while your friends and family are usually only available to help at the weekend. So it’s up to you to consider the two options. 


Do you have the required equipment?

A professional moving service arrives at the start with all the necessary equipment, based on the agreements, estimates and, of course, years of experience. Moving vans, removal lift, tape and bindings, work gloves, extra moving boxes, blankets… Everything is at hand right from the beginning. Of course, you can organise it all yourself as well. Bear in mind that you will probably also need to request a parking permit up front, inform the neighbours, manage the logistical puzzle of moving… 


Do you have enough time?

It may sound less of a consideration, but quite often a move is something that must be done quickly. In that case you are advised to do it yourself, as appointments with moving companies must often be made weeks of even months ahead. The more time you have, the more the argument leans in favour of a professional moving service.



Whether you choose to do everything yourself, or call on a professional moving service like Dockx Movers, depends on several factors, such as budget and available time. You should also take account of all other elements; do you live in the city, in a village or in the countryside? In a detached house, a terraced property or an apartment? Just remember that although a professional moving service costs money, it also gives you peace of mind. And when you are moving house, that is often very invaluable!

Count on Dockx Movers or Dockx Rental as your dependable moving partner!