Relocation with Dockx Rental moving van in residential area

DIY move

If you’d like to organise your move yourself with help from family and friends, make sure you plan every step of the process in advance to avoid unnecessary stress, and contact our experienced Dockx staff for additional advice. We’re here to help with easy-to-use moving checklists, handy moving boxes and moving materials, as well as a choice of moving vans and removal lifts for rent. In other words, Dockx Rental has everything you need for a carefree DIY move.  

Rent a moving van

If you need a vehicle to move house, Dockx Rental has moving vans available in a range of shapes and sizes, with or without tailgate lifts. A removal van with a tailgate lift makes it a breeze to load and unload heavy items. In addition, all Dockx moving vans come with securing battens to keep everything neatly in its place. Add some moving straps and moving blankets to your rental order and you can rest assured everything will go exactly as planned!

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Rent moving tools

Why make things difficult for yourself when you’re moving? Simply rent a selection of moving tools to save time and effort. Whether you’re looking to rent a self-assembly ladder lift, a pallet truck, a dolly, a hand truck, moving blankets or moving straps – whatever it is you need, our moving tools will help you move and transport your furniture and items without a care. 

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DIY move with Dockx moving vans, moving boxes, moving materials, and moving tools
Buy a handy Dockx moving boxes

Buy moving boxes

If you’re looking for moving boxes to effortlessly move your items and protect them from damage, Dockx has the perfect cardboard box for all your needs – from book boxes, dinnerware boxes and archive boxes to cheerful children’s moving boxes and wardrobe boxes. Choosing the right moving boxes can make a move much easier. Buy online or at one of our Dockx Service Shops and start packing as soon as tomorrow!   

Tape the moving box closed tightly with Dockx tape

Buy packing materials

The right choice of moving materials is essential for safe and efficient transport of your valuable items. Choose from our comprehensive range of tape, bubble wrap, plate protectors, mattress covers, moving blankets, wrapping paper and much more. Buy online or at one of our Dockx Service Shops and start packing as soon as tomorrow!

Move house with Dockx moving boxes and moving materials

Buy a moving kit

Get ahead with our handy moving kits: they include all the moving boxes you need, as well as useful moving materials. Make things easy for yourself by choosing one of our custom kits: budget, 1 person, 2-3 people or 4-5 people. Buy online or at one of our Dockx Service Shops and start packing as soon as tomorrow!

Rent a removal lift 

If you’re moving to an apartment or a house with multiple floors, renting a removal lift can save you a lot of time and effort. Dockx offers a choice between self-assembly removal lifts or removal lifts operated by one of our Dockx Movers employees. 

Rent a self-assembly ladder lift 

With our self-assembly ladder lift, you can move items as high up as the third floor at your own pace (max. height: 9.50 m). When you collect the ladder lift, a Dockx employee will personally explain how to assemble and safely operate it.

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Dockx self-assembly ladder lift parts

You can also download our self-assembly ladder lift manual with handy tips for setting up the lift here, or take a look at our demo video.

Rent a removal lift with an operator

If you’d prefer a removal lift with an operator, schedule an appointment with moving company Dockx Movers and we’ll bring the lift to your home. An experienced professional will operate the removal lift for you. The lift can reach up to the 12th floor (max. 9.5 m)

Moving checklist & moving tips

Everything starts with a plan, and a home move is no different. Have a look at our Dockx moving checklists and moving tips to get a clear overview of exactly what needs to be done.  

Download our practical DIY move checklist. Simply hang up this move countdown calendar, tick off the tasks you’ve already completed and add notes where necessary. Doing so will enable you to keep a clear overview and can keep the stress of moving to a minimum. 

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DIY move with Dockx Rental move checklist

Looking for more moving tips?

We’ve created a booklet containing advice on preparing for a move, moving with children, changing your place of residence, moving abroad and much more. Download the free Dockx Moving tips and things to know