2022 through the eyes of Joeri Dockx

The start of a new year is always a time when a lot of people make good resolutions. So for companies this is a time of evaluation, when new objectives are drawn up. This is also true at Dockx Rental with at the head of this unit: Joeri Dockx. “If you’re looking to rent a mobility product, Dockx Rental is the place to be”, but what can we actually expect for 2022?


Service 24/7 available via the app

  To provide Dockx Rental customers with an even better service, in recent years Dockx has invested in the development of an app. “With our app our delivery and removal vans are now available 24/7 via Pick-up Points. This means that customers can always pick up the vehicle they want, also outside of our opening hours. Customers register via the app, enter their driving licence and ID, reserve the vehicle and perform the vehicle damage check themselves. Everything is much faster and our service is available day and night. A real added value to the service we offer. In 2022, we are planning to further optimise this app.”  

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digital key in the Dockx app

Unmanned locations

By focusing on the digital app, Dockx Rental also wants to set up more unmanned locations throughout the whole country in 2022. “In the past customers came to pick up their vehicle during opening hours in the manned Dockx Service Shop. Today, however, it’s really important that everything is fast and nearby. A 30-minute drive to a branch to pick up a vehicle? Most customers don’t want to do this. So it’s much more interesting to set up an unmanned location near to the customer so that anyone can hire a vehicle easily via the app where and when they want. We are committed to the national coverage of our service. For us this is a hugely important aspect for the future.”

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Expansion of range

Dockx Rental’s range is still as extensive as ever. From cars and minibuses to trucks, vans, removal vans, trailers and ladder lifts: you can find everything you need in the area of mobility at Dockx Rental. We are further expanding the wheelchair-accessible vehicles we offer. “Two years ago we added a mobility van to our range, a transport vehicle for wheelchair users so that you can transport up to four wheelchair users. In 2022, we are adding this type of vehicle on a smaller scale for one wheelchair user. We see there’s a demand for this.”

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Wheelchair-accessible vehicles Mobility Van


With its objectives Dockx Rental is not only focusing on the new year, but is also looking at objectives for 2025. “The electrification that’s coming in 2026 requires a lot of preparatory work. By that time in many cities there will be more restrictions for vehicles with a combustion engine. Obviously we’re busy looking at how we will approach this and how we can modify our fleet accordingly. At present the demand for electric vehicles is still limited, but we want to develop our range so that by then we can offer our customers an appropriate solution.”

The challenges of COVID-19

Despite the corona crisis Dockx Rental managed to do well in 2021, although this wasn’t self-evident.  “A lot of our customers are in sectors that have been heavily impacted by the crisis, such as e.g. the culture and events sector. This meant we saw a lot of demand disappear. In the second half of 2021 we saw this falling trend turn around again.  Not only because more had to be organised again, but also because there’s a huge shortage of vehicles. Due to the chip crisis, some new cars that are ordered aren’t available immediately. Companies who promise their employees a company car often hire from us while waiting for this new car to be delivered. Also the economy is on an upturn, which means more demand for vans. In addition, COVID-19 showed the importance of our app even more clearly. The fact that everything can take place quickly and contactless is just one big advantage.