A motorcycle for every occasion: rent and explore various riding options

The first sunny days make us all dream of summer, especially the motorcyclists among us. With a new season, comes the daring thought of a new motorcycle. But changing motorcycles is not as easy as changing socks. Fortunately, you can also rent one. Read all about the different types of motorcycles you can rent at Dockx here. Be inspired and discover the versatile world of motorcycling! 

Types of motorcycles 

At Dockx Rental, we have something for everyone. And that goes beyond engine capacity. Granted, the difference between 300cc to over 1800cc is quite impressive, but a motorcycle is much more than its engine size. That’s why we divide them into different categories: touring, chopper, all-road and racing. Whether you love long rides through stunning landscapes, the tough look of a chopper, off-road adventures or the adrenaline rush of a sporty ride, we have the perfect motorcycle for you. 


Cruising with Touring motorcycles

Touring motorcycles are designed for long-distance travel with comfort in mind. Their sitting position keeps you free of aches and cramps for long periods, while a windshield keeps out not only the wind but also most of the rain. Throw in a larger-than-average fuel tank, and these touring bikes are the ideal choice for those who want to keep their feet off the ground as little as possible while on the road. Another important feature is the extra storage space. The BMW R1200T and the Harley Davidson Ultra Glide CVO have integrated cases and luggage racks to easily carry all your stuff for a long trip. Both touring motorcycles have a sturdy two-cylinder engine - the BMW in boxer, the other in V. They are more than capable of transporting you from A to B, either alone or with a passenger.


Hop on a Chopper

Today’s chopper has long since ceased to be like the ones American war veterans converted in the 1950s. It’s a little less Easy Rider and a little more “Easy, rider” in 2023. A chopper helps you feel at ease, thanks to a long and low frame that keeps the centre of gravity low. That has not changed. You choose based mainly on your own taste and style. The Kawasaki Vulcan illustrates this perfectly. We have Vulcans in two versions, the S and the Classic. Perfect as an introduction to the chopper subculture. But if you say chopper, you can’t get past the inescapable Harley. No brand produced as many choppers as Harley Davidson. The Heritage Softail CVO is the epitome of laid-back riding, while the Sportster CVO enables you to enjoy faster cornering too. The same is true of the Indian Scout Bobber. Or how about BMW’s nostalgic R18 Classic? Whichever one you choose, each of these choppers is a symbol of individuality and freedom.


Explore dirt and paved roads on an All-road

All-road motorcycles are more popular than ever. They are designed to perform both on and off-road. Whether you go on a long ride, through the mountains or over dirt trails, an all-road can handle it all. An all-road - often called an ‘adventure’ or ‘dual sport’ - motorcycle is a compromise between a road bike and a dirt bike. Or at least it is on paper, anyway. In real life, they excel in versatility, manoeuvrability and power. That’s because they offer more than just some flashy crash bars and hand guards. Toppers like the BMW R1250 GS have been proving themselves in this segment for generations. Or how about the Honda Africa Twin? Blessed with a high sitting position (and the hard but valuable lessons of brutal Paris-Dakar stages), these all-roaders are a great choice for riders who love adventure. Whether you want to stay off-road or occasionally take a side road.


Sporty Racing bikes

Racing motorcycles focus on speed, performance and agility. But you don’t have to be a professional racer to enjoy their aerodynamics, lightweight construction and advanced brakes and suspension. They also offer an exciting driving experience on the road for motorcycle enthusiasts. With the Honda CB300 or CB750, you can test quite a few sporting boundaries. For the BMW S1000 XR, it’s best to have some experience, or you'll be probing the limits of the Highway Code before you know it.


As you can see, you can rent a motorcycle for every trip at Dockx Rental!