Meet Glen Schellekens

Glen is responsible for the daily maintenance and repairs of our vehicles. He is enthusiastic, handy, and a valued asset for Dockx for 10 years! Want to learn more about Glen’s career, interests, and passions? Then be sure to keep reading!

Meet Ismaïl Sahbaz

Ismaël is responsible for the maintenance of our vehicles. He is handy, lively, caring and has been indispensable to our Dockx team in Haren (Brussels) for 11 years. Read more about this handyman with a passion for vehicles here.

Meet Loïc Cravatte

Loïc has been a valuable member of the Dockx team for 5 years already and his days are incredibly varied. As Service Shop Agent, his role is to follow up the planning, get the contracts signed and welcome customers. His colleagues and customers always mention his big smile.

Meet Kevin Pascual

We have been able to count on Kevin Pascual for nine years now. Together with his team, Kevin organises the ins and outs of our Dockx Service Shop in Wilrijk. Curious about what drives Kevin? Read more about his ambitions and passions in life here.

Meet Klaas Sels

We have been able to count on Klaas (29) for six years now. He started as a shop assistant in Wilrijk and now works side by side with Mattias in the sales team. Would you like to know more about Klaas’s ambitions and passions?

Meet Mattias Kuypers

Mattias is loyal, enthusiastic, dynamic, and Sales Manager at Dockx Rental. We have been relying on him for more than 14 years. Mattias primarily works with companies, and he likes the contact with his customers. Get to know this handy dad better.

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