Meet Klaas Sels, Sales Officer at Dockx

Meet Klaas Sels

We have been able to count on Klaas (29) for six years now. He started as a shop assistant in Wilrijk and now works side by side with Mattias in the sales team. Would you like to know more about Klaas’s ambitions and passions?

Meet Mattias Kuypers

Mattias is loyal, enthusiastic, dynamic, and Sales Manager at Dockx Rental. We have been relying on him for more than 14 years. Mattias primarily works with companies, and he likes the contact with his customers. Get to know this handy dad better.

Five mobility trends

The landscape of our mobility is constantly changing. Of course, this also has a clear impact on the rental and logistics of renting vehicles. Our managing director at Dockx Rental, Joeri Dockx, therefore takes a closer look at a few trends.

Meet Yassir Sayd

Yassir is young, dynamic, enthusiastic and – as of this month – Sint-Denijs-Westrem Shop Manager. Together with his new team, he goes all out and makes sure you get the best service!

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