Meet Jeffrey

Meet our intelligent and helpful IT specialist Jeffrey. He’s been at the ready to help his colleagues with technical problems for the past decade. IT is his passion. Apart from his job, Jeffrey is an avid gamer. He also enjoys watching series and immersing himself in the innovative world of 3D printing. Read more about Jeffrey.

Meet Sigrid Van Goethem

Meet our HR Generalist, Sigrid Van Goethem. If you'd like to join the team here at Dockx, Sigrid is just the person to speak to. She's more than happy to get you all set to join the Dockx family. While we're on the subject: she'll be starting her own family soon! Read more about Sigrid and her passions and pastimes here.

Meet Glen Schellekens, mechanic/supervisor Dockx

Meet Glen Schellekens

Glen is responsible for the daily maintenance and repairs of our vehicles. He is enthusiastic, handy, and a valued asset for Dockx for 10 years! Want to learn more about Glen’s career, interests, and passions? Then be sure to keep reading!

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