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Low Emission Zones in Belgium

What and why?
A low emission zone (LEZ) is a defined area in which certain vehicles are not allowed to enter, or only under certain conditions, because they emit too many harmful substances. If you enter a LEZ with an unauthorised vehicle, or without any other form of permission, you will be fined.

Where and when?
A LEZ is always delimited by special traffic signs and applies at all times.

Each city or municipality decides where a LEZ will be located and when it will come into effect.

Road sign entry and exit LEZ

You can recognise a LEZ when entering and leaving the zone 

These signs warn you when you are approaching a LEZ

Traffic sign LEZ

Dockx vehicles 
You can enter and leave the LEZ with all Dockx vehicles except our classic cars. An exception must be requested from the respective authorities for all classic cars that you rent from Dockx Rental. If you want to cross through the LEZ, you can ask Dockx Rental to take care of this for you. The cost (€50) will appear on your invoice.

If you do not inform Dockx Rental, any fine resulting from this will be charged directly to you.

The above information reflects the current situation (dated 09/2019). There is a chance that other municipalities will also introduce or make the LEZ zones stricter in the future. Under no circumstances can Dockx Rental be held responsible for the fact that the abovementioned information is no longer up-to-date and Dockx Rental will always apply the most recent laws and regulations. It is the client's responsibility to obtain further information on the basis of the information above.

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Environmental tax

An environmental surcharge will be added per rental contract. This surcharge serves to cover any costs resulting from tyre wear and tear, oil changes and other technical obligations for Dockx Rental.

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